giftideasfor12yearoldboyA common error on a parents part is buying their kid clothes they’d wear. If you see your kid play a certain game or watch a certain TV show a lot more than others then buy a T-Shirt with… you guessed it, a character from the show on the front or just the name of the show or game in silly graphics. Cargo shorts and pants are easy buys because they go with any shirt your boy wants. Gym shorts are also a good investment in your boys wardrobe if he is known to cause havoc on a playground or organized sports team.

If you’re looking for toys the best ones for a boy who might like to stay more inside than out, LEGO products are the best thing to buy him so that he can not only be focused on something for hours, but also reinforce basic mathematical and problem solving skills. Not only will your smart kid become an even smarter teenager, which equals cheaper tuition, the Lego products are pretty cheap themselves. The second best feature of these toys are that they virtually indestructible, and stay that way for years to come.

giftfor12yearoldgirlA 12 year old girl is typically on the cusp of puberty if not already undergoing puberty. They can be moody and emotional at times, and are often starting to care a lot about what their peers think of them, and may even start to have idols.

The first thing you have to decide when you go out to buy your girl clothes is what type of clothes you want them to wear in the future. If you want them to like to were skirts and dresses when they grow up buy them those types of clothes now so when they are old enough to make their own decisions they’ll make decisions influenced by you, the parents. Just make these early decisions appropriate for the girl and possibly make the clothes a little more colorful and fun.

gift ideas for 11 year old boy

If you’re looking to spend a few more bucks and want your child to be a little more tech savvy in the largely digital world we live in now then I’d also reccomend the Tabeo. The Tabeo is a tablet built especially for children and is already preloaded with over fifty apps for your growing boy to play with. Not only will this serve as a bridge between the small electronic toys they used to play with to a device with several different uses but it also provides loads entertainment and fun for all members of the family. This certainly is a great gift idea for an 11 year old.

Boys from 7 – 12 are still gaining a lot of information about life and their surroundings. It’s around this time they get their first few ideas of “what they want to be”. They start to understand the society they live in and what’s right and what’s wrong. This is also the time were their imagination flowers.

Most people will buy their child poorly decided clothes or high unrecognizable toy brands. People are different and their children are different, but you can always find a good fit for each type of kid.



What gift to get a 7-8 year old boy

Your 7 to 8 year old boy is probably a bundle of energy and has a vivid imagination. Luckily, there are plenty of gifts which allow him to channel that energy, both indoors and outdoors. At every age, toys and games can help the various developmental and learning processes as well as being loads of fun. Here are some suggestions:

Outdoor Fun

outdoor gifts for active social boys

At this age, most boys are into action and adventure. You cannot go wrong with the classic toy guns, such as dart guns. They are affordable and safe, if you don’t mind occasionally becoming a target. The only off-side is there will probably be darts all over the home to pick up after. The can have fun with these alone, or with a friend.

Nerf has a variety of toy guns available on

  • Kids Toy Military M4 M16 Mp40 Dart Rifle Toy Guns Ak47 Dart Gun , for $34.99
  • Lazer Tag Nerf Two-Player Battle System , For $63.99

Another great choice for outdoor activity is basic sports equipment. As you already know, sports keep your energetic youngster active and also help to develop motor skills, mental skills and social skills. Even more beneficial is equipment that can involve social interaction. A game as simple as playing catch and throw is great for achieving all of these things.

  • Try a Squap set: A ball that attaches to a Velcro Mitt. You will find these online for about $25

A mini-trampoline will provide loads of fun, and an outlet for all that excess energy.

  • AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure, available online for $99, made especially for kids and includes a safety enclosure.

Indoor Fun

The classic Lego building blocks are classic for a reason. They are fun, challenging and rely on creativity and mental skill. A seven year old is old enough to play with smaller parts that would have otherwise been a choking hazard. It is great for all ages. You might find yourself trying your hand at building a house too. In fact, Lego has been taken to new extremes and can even become an art form right into adulthood. This will be a hit at this time as The Lego Movie is due to be released in February 2014.

You can purchase Lego sets in various sizes, from Amazon.

There is a variation of the classic Lego, which is excellent for this age group and is called Reptangles. It can be found online for $27. These are building blocks in the form of reptiles and is made to appeal especially to this age group it has won numerous awards for being an educational toy which helps develop thinking.


puzzles gift for young boys

Games which challenge problem-solving skills are great at any age, but for those boys of this age will love, try games such as:

  • Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game, from ThinkFun (retail price $20)

 Action Figures

This is the age that most little boys become obsessed with their favorite action hero, be it Spiderman, Batman, Superman or the new superheroes which get churned out every day.

You can find a range of action figures and super-hero merchandise online from T-shirts to Pajama’s

This is the age of adventure, extremes and action in boys. Keep this in mind when buying gifts. Choose gifts that allow them to channel their energy, use their imagination, develop their thinking abilities. It is also a fun time as aren’t so don’t be afraid to choose gifts like games that you can participate in too. Check out this post if you are looking for the right toys for 1 to 2 year old toddlers.



Six year old girls are inquisitive and at a stage where everything in the outside world is fascinating and to be explored. If your girl loves to explore and do things with her hands and feet then a scooter is the perfect buy. This age old toy is still relevant even today. A scooter is a lot more affordable and a lot easier to use than a bike. The toy isn’t only really safe but it’s hard to break and if it does. The maintenance is a lot cheaper than that of a bike.

Name necklaces are also a perfect gift for your girl on her special day or any holiday. This doesn’t just make your little girl feel special but she’ll always know you care for her and your name will always be on her head every time she reads it no matter if shes 3 years old or 18 years old. This can not only stand by itself as a fashion statement but as a way of emergency contact if you pay a little extra to have your phone number inscribed on the back.